Our Youth Are Ready For Action.


The Detroit Youth Action Plan (DYAP)—commonly called “Youth Master Plan,”—defines the resources, needs, pathways and collective vision for children and youth in the city of Detroit.

five phases, one plan - led by youth!

The grant

In the fall of 2020, the Office of Population Affairs’ Teen Pregnancy Prevention (TPP) Program awarded Teen HYPE a grant to implement the Promise Program. TPP grantees are expected to provide youth information and skills to promote “optimal health,” defined as “a dynamic balance of physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual health.” Optimal health is what we refer to as readiness. The Promise Collaborative unites teens with youth-serving organizations, parents, schools, philanthropy, business owners, places of worship, and others committed to their optimal health. Together, this village will develop the Detroit Youth Action Plan (DYAP), a structural intervention focused on readiness.

Why now?

There is never a bad time to invest in young people; however, the pandemic created an unprecedented sense of urgency. Because we believe in an asset-based approach, we won’t recite the statistics about low academic performance, growing mental health issues, high poverty, violence, etc. You likely have heard them before. We know young people and the villages they are a part of are traumatized and were long before COVID’s arrival. Teen HYPE is done talking about the problem and blaming broken systems. We are keeping our promise to youth and are determined to figure out how to be in community and purposefully disruptive to create a plan that centers and is for young people.

Our village

The Collaborative/village is open to anyone who is down for our babies and willing to help co-create a citywide plan that moves them from trauma to triumph. The work ahead of us is a heavy lift and we share a collective responsibility to get it done. The DYAP is an audacious goal. Join the village and help us create a bold plan for Detroit youth.